Yerba Maté Executive Boost
Executive Boost is a highly concentrated
form of the herb Yerba Maté.
Yerba Maté added to a glass of Orange Juice

Fed up with increased work, your pay frozen or reduced and staff levels halved, the pressure is on! Why not take time to have some Yerba Maté in its simple and easy to use form to help stimulate yourself both, mentally and physically.

Maté has the ability to help quicken the mind, increase mental alertness and acuity and do it without any side effects such as nervousness and jitters*. Simple to use, just pour it into fruit juice or soft drinks!

Office Motivator dispenser, a unique way of ensuring your office can have access to chilled Maté on tap at all times, helping to increase staff morale and motivation. Growing in popularity worldwide contact us for further information.

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* Reference - Dr. Mowrey - Yerba Maté Lets Live magazine September 1991.