Quality Teas, herbal infusions and Yerba Maté
- from the plantations of Las Marias

Our range of Yerba Maté, Teas and Herbal infusions come from the plantations of Las Marias in Corrientes, Argentina. Las Marias is an integrated agricultural enterprise, which is the world leader in Yerba Maté production and a renowned Tea and Herb Tea producer with some 4,000 Hectares cultivated for Yerba Maté alone with further areas for tea. The lowlands not suited for yerba maté or tea cultivation, are important pine and eucalyptus plantations, which are harvested for the wood mill. Cattle breeding, the firm's original activity, is still a successful part of the business.

Nature is the source of the raw Matérials , so Las Marias lay special emphasis on the conservation of the environment and preservation of wildlife including natural predators. In tea and yerba cultivation, "Zero Tilling" is used as a strategy to avoid altering the soil's natural balance and only biological agrochemicals, which do not harm the environment are used. Organic farming techniques are now being introduced to allow the introduction of organic produce.

Over 2,000 people live and work in Las Marias. They are the moving spirit of the business, and the company helps provide primary education at the Victoria school for the children of Las Marias employees and the Institute Agrotecnico offers secondary education and technical training.

Close to Las Marias housing for 170 families has been built and another 900 house were constructed in Gobernador Virasoro, on land donated by Las Marias. This small community has also a pharmacy and a medical service as well as a Club providing sporting and recreational facilities for employees.

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