Calabazza wooden cup, Bombilla stainless steel drinking straw for use with Maté granules and Hot water flask

In the past Yerba Maté or Maté herb was used as a beverage by the Guarani Indians and cultivation was developed by the Jesuit missionaries. Today Yerba Maté is enjoyed by all of Argentina - from the Gauchos on the Pampas to the office workers in the cafés of Buenos Aires. It is an important social drink with its own traditions and rituals and it is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Argentinians believe it increases energy and vitality, improves alertness, reduces nervousness and muscle tension and although it is non-alcoholic creates a feeling of well being. It also reputedly boosts the libido.

Since 1956 Las Marias has carefully supervised the cultivation of yerba maté to produce the best plant varieties and some 4,000 hectares are currently cultivated. Las Marias is the leading producer of Yerba Maté in the world.

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tarag01.GIF (22077 bytes) Taragui
Maté Listo

Supplied in a plastic cup with a special 
drinking straw (Bombilla), with a
strainer on the end. Simply add hot
water, sweeten and enjoy.
Additional water is then added
when required
tarag02.GIF (23752 bytes) Taragui Maté Cocido
The convenient way to enjoy Maté. Use the
herbal sachets in the conventional way, in a cup 
or teapot, and sweeten with sugar or honey.
Can also be served with ice and fruit juice as a
refreshing summer drink. Maté Cocido can
also be supplied with added honey & Vanilla.
tarag03.GIF (20325 bytes) Taragui Maté Granules
Can be used to make a beverage in the same way as with loose tea. For the real Maté
drinker however the Maté granules are used to make the Maté drink in the traditional
way of the Guachos whereby the Maté granules are put in a Maté calbazza wooden cup and a stainless stell drinking straw (Bombilla) is used to drink the beverage.

Taragui Maté granules are also available with added herbs. There are two varities: Serranus with the character of mountain herbs and Litoral with the smoothness of herbs from the plains.

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bgtara03.gif (105 bytes) La Merced Granules
La Merced is a premium quality specially ground Yerba Maté
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