Yerba Maté Tincture
Energizes and acts as a whole-body stimulant.
A natural source of Antioxidants.
At Sport  
Yerba Maté helps to *stimulate both the mind and body through the effect of Matéine, which is part of the methyl xantheine family from which caffeine and the active compound in tea, theobromine, is also derived.

Experts also believe that Maté appears to possess the best combination of xanthine properties possible, the *ability to help quicken the mind, increase mental alertness and acuity and do it without any side effects such as nervousness and jitters.

Maté is ideal for those that are looking for a pick me up in the morning or during the day, simple to take with any soft drink or fruit juice either at home or at the office.

It's great for sports or physical fitness fans as it *delays the onset of lactic acid buildup in muscles as well as having a rejuvenating effect on exhausted people. There are no limitations to the ways of enjoying and using this Maté.
  At Work

Growing in popularity worldwide it is now supplied in a simple and easy to use way.

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* Reference - Dr. Mowrey - Yerba Maté Lets Live magazine September 1991.